James Seekpee’s latest reports : October/November


Financial Report

For the month ended October 2012


Balance B/F

Cash in bank                                                                                                                                       USD42.15

Cash in hand                                                                                                                                              17.37

Total balance                                                                                                        59.52




Remittance for Sept received October 5                                                                                1,350

Remittance for October                                                                                                                    900

Total remittance                                                                                                               2,250    

Total income                                                                                                                                         USD2, 309.52




Transportation                                                                                  2.99

Office supply                                                                                     0.77

Gas/Oil                                                                                                7.99

Communication (Scratch card/inter browsing)                  30.56

Staff t September salary                                                                          900.00



Contribution to Security allowance for Sept                       20.00

Volunteers allowance (Sept)                                                  350.00

SEA volunteers (2 persons)         150.00

Music Coordinator                           100.00

Drama Coordinator                         100.00

Consultant fee (proposal writing)                                             55.00

Total expenses                                                                                                                     < 2,267.31>

Balance C/F on hand and in bank                                                                                     942.21











Financial Report

For the month ended November 2012


Balance B/F                                                                                                                                        USD942.21



Remittance for October received November 16                                                    450

Remittance for November                                                                                           1,350

Total remittance                                                                                                               1,800    

Total income                                                                                                                                         USD2, 742.21




Transportation                                                                                                  15.00

Communication (Scratch card/inter browsing)                                   25.00

Staff t  salary (October & November)                                              1,800.00



Contribution to Security allowance for Oct/Nov                               40.00

Volunteers allowance (Sept)                                                                700.00

SEA volunteers (2 persons)         300.00

Music Coordinator                           200.00

Drama Coordinator                         200.00

Total expenses                                                                                                                     < 2,580.00>

Balance C/F on hand and in bank                                                                                     162.21

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