We are keen to keep our valued supporters up to date with our work on the ground in Liberia.  Please check back for regular updates.  We are delighted to have received the following message from James Seekpee:

To all of our valued sponsors and supporters, we say a big thank you for funding the projects of AYDAP over the years.  Note that without your sponsorship and support there would not have a project or a charity.

As we take a step of faith toward the next year, we can only hope that you will continue to remain the usual faithful partners in giving hope to the many, many hopeless and war affected3youths of Liberia.

To our enduring and hardworking UK Team members and Choir members, we say hats off to you.  Indeed, you are the heroes and heroines of the AYDAP’s dream being fulfilled and living on.  Your sacrificial efforts in raising funds during all seasons have given relevance and meaning to the charity.  Your tireless efforts are evident by the charity growing from one worker in Liberia to about nine personnel now and from one man fundraising effort to over twenty persons.  May 2012 be a year of great exploits in every sense of the word.

A prosperous year to you all.

James Baipaye Seekpee

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