AYDAP was founded in 2003, when Liberian-born Scottish resident Jerry Boweh felt he wanted to help improve the lives of young people affected by the civil war that gripped Liberia in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Through sport, music, drama and education, AYDAP aims to raise awareness in young Liberians of key issues such as sexual abuse, malaria prevention and human rights. By working closely with schools, youth organisations and other charities, AYDAP can encourage people whose lives were impacted by the war to find peace with themselves, to find their place in a new, cohesive society, and to strive for success in the future.

Since its foundation, AYDAP has helped countless young people find their way in this new world and has completed numerous projects in partnership with local volunteers, including the build of a new school in a remote part of Liberia for 35 local children.

The Mardea Toe Harmonn School Project

In the midst of the tragic outbreak of Ebola in 2014, AYDAP and its colleagues were made aware of a small rural school, cut off from most civilisation in the bush area of the country. The school had been donated to the local community by the Harmonn family and was established in memory of their grandmother, who lost her life in the civil war years previously.

The original school

With the help of The Glasgow Gospel Choir and The Inverclyde Trust, amongst others, AYDAP proposed to rebuild the school, adding extra classrooms and funding qualified teaching staff, something that the school had never had before.

With the help of local people and through the purchase of a mud brick making machine, the main structure of the new school was created and a timber roof frame placed on top.

Over three years, the project built four classrooms and provided a salary for teaching and administrative staff as well as teaching resources and materials for up to 100 children, and was completed in partnership not only with local education officers and Chiefs, but also with UNICEF and UNDP to ensure that all resources were carefully planned and used.

For more information and updates on the Mardea Toe Harmonn School Project, click here

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