The charity is a Scottish charity based in Liberia, Africa whose aims are to help young people affected by civil war using many methods such as sexual awareness education, malaria prevention and human rights.  We endeavour to encourage young Liberians most affected by the war to participate in, be responsible for and be part of a cohesive society today.  AYDAP can, with your help, continue its work with these young people, to guide, encourage and enlighten. Help us if you can.

In Liberia, so much depends upon the miseries of the past being left behind and the promise of the future being grasped.  AYDAP exists to help in this process. We are dedicated to re-education of attitude and habit. We are involved in programs which raise awareness of the youngest Liberians in areas of Sexual Education and Abuse. Jointly with UNMIL (The United Nations Mission in Liberia) we have been running these programs through schools and youth organisations, trying to change attitudes towards sex and self esteem. Our associate in Liberia is James Seekpee who leads a small team of dedicated volunteers in delivering the program.

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