AYDAP  is registered as a charity in Scotland SC 034993

is affiliated to NIDOS  (

is funded by The Glasgow Gospel Choir    (

The Balmore Trust    (

The Bitmac Trust

The Inverclyde Trust

AYDAP has a properly constituted committee which meets in the Glasgow area on a regular basis to discuss funding progress and policy. The committee has arranged many fund raising activities through the past few years, sponsored walks, musical events, sponsored 10k runs etc and is always looking for suitable ways to raise extra funds for AYDAP in Liberia. All the funds raised are sent to Liberia and the Scottish committee is kept fully up-to-date with activities there through monthly reports from Mr James Seekpee the manager of AYDAP Liberia. He also sends a monthly financial account of all expenditure .

Our membership of NIDOS (Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland) gives the committee access to a wealth of guidance on best practice, effectiveness tools, monitoring and evaluation. NIDOS also provides professional guidance on seeking  funding.

We are deeply indebted to The Balmore Trust and the Bitmac Trust for assistance over many years, and especially to the Inverclyde Trust who are in the process of carrying out a high level three year funding program with AYDAP, allowing us continuity through this period, topping up the great effort of the Glasgow Gospel Choir whose efforts have been the core of all our funding since our inception.

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