AYDAP in Liberia has been working away since the EBOLA outbreak in Rivercess county assisting initially in the running of the TOE HARMONN School in the Village of MARDEA.

To start with the funds generated by the Glasgow Gospel Choir along with generous donations from Trusts such as the BITMAC Trust and the INVERCLYDE Trust have financed the addition of trained teaching staff to assist the school which had no qualified teachers.

During the past 18 months we have developed a plan to extend the school by adding two more classrooms and provide funds and training for additional qualified teaching staff.

Due to the amazing generosity of the Gospel choir and our friendly trusts we have now built the new school rooms, and the winter term has started with the classes full to brimming over with young children having their first experience of school.

The next stage is where we need your help. We wish to fund the on going development of the new school set up, hold regular training for the staff and provide the pupils with all the materials that are required to conduct a successful curriculum.

We aim to fund additional staff, staff trying and the general expenses for at least two years, moving the school towards integration into the State system. We also hope to provide a daily main meal for the pupils whose parents are not often able to provide regular meals.

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